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Matt Flynn

Posted on: January 31, 2012 2:13 pm
All the talk on the Dolphins message boards is about signing Matt Flynn, the reports out there are saying he will command at least 25 million in guarantees.  I think it is a bit much to throw that kind of money at a guy who has started all of 2 games in a 4 year career.  We arent even paying Matt Moore that kind of money and he has 25 career starts under his belt.  He showed that he can handle the starter role for the time being while Miami builds the rest of the team up.  These two guys have similar playing styles, are only a year apart in age, but one will cost far less money than the other.  I say stick with Matt Moore and draft a QB like Tannehill or Foles.  If Philbin is as good as everyone says he is, then he should be able to coach up a rookie QB while hopefully improving Matt Moores game as well
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